Themed Party Cut Outs From The L.A. Gallery

For those of you that may be wondering what the “themed party cut outs” are, that are apart of our prize package- here is a little preview. I have been lucky enough to work on several projects with the gals from The L.A. Gallery, however, when I found out they can create these themed cut outs I was hooked. What they basically are, is chipboard (for all you scrapbookers out there) that you can cut into almost any shape, color, or size you want.

One of my favorite ways that we have used these cutouts is in the “C” used for this backdrop, which was created almost entirely using cupcake liners. For the backing however, I used a matboard cutout, from the L.A. Gallery. This would be a great addition to a wedding, by wrapping one of these letters in fabric, lace, flowers or moss.

We also used a cut out when creating the centerpieces for our floral arrangements. The girls came up with a genius way to create my cupcake shaped backing, I then added a little coiled rope for the “icing” and some scrapbook paper and voila!

Make sure to head on down and see the girls at the L.A. Gallery and find out what creations you can make together using matboard cut outs for your next craft project or party.

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